Simplify Your Business

Simplify your business to make more money and create a modern experience

Simplify your business to make more money and create a modern business experience. Our previous article focused on working with technology, not for it. We introduced two major concepts:

  1. Improve user experience

  1. Select software that works together

This article will explore how automation improves these important concepts to create the ultimate simple and modern business experience.

Why is this important?

As we had discussed in our previous article, many technology plans are created to solve specific challenges, however, fail to consider processes and the people at each step in the processes. Business Process Automation (BPA) tools solve these challenges by allowing users to graphically construct processes and simplify connections between people, software, information. Thoughtless and mundane tasks can be offloaded from employees to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots so employees can work on more interesting tasks. The combination of BPA and RPA create the ultimate solution to simplify business, help you to make more money, and provide a modern business experience.

Sounds great, but how does it actually help?

Business software packages generally work well as long as your process stays within the “design sandbox” of the software. In the real world, business needs often extend beyond what software was designed to do, causing the need for workarounds and extra steps in a process. Usually these additional steps involve error prone tasks like employees exporting, reformatting, and importing data.

Digital business processes created within BPA tools make the connections to your existing software and monitor the process from start to finish. This approach has several benefits including visibility, reliability, and flexibility since it is very easy to change the process without breaking data connections. BPA tools have an entire suite of utilities to connect to information and carry out actions based upon values within the data. BPA tools provide a better user experience and help your business software work together.

RPA bots can directly interface with your existing applications to perform complicated tasks. It is common for a RPA bot to perform an entire step within a business process, then pass the information to the next step in the process. RPA bots have greater availability, make fewer errors, and work more quickly than human counterparts, especially for boring tasks.

Automation using BPA and RPA is the way modern business is done. The reason is that it provides a better user experience and helps to remove obstacles allowing software to work together.

Take the next step!

The fields of BPA and RPA continue to advance and deliver more value. Your customers and employees both want a simple business experience. If your business cannot provide it, then a competitor will. Now is the time to take the next step and plan how to simplify your business to make more money and create a modern business experience.

This concludes our series of articles on simplifying and modernizing your business. If you would like a quick 1-page summary, then visit our website to download the free guide Three Steps to Simplify and Modernize Your Business.